CDB on your mobile phone

Fair warning: The CDB sends out alerts at all hours, but if it gets annoying you can always unsubscribe.

Fair warning #2: Some mobile phone providers charge you to receive text messages. Contact your service provider to find out.

Fair warning #3: Getting e-mail on your phone can be hit or miss. Service providers occasionally fail to deliver e-mail.

Here are four ways to get death beeps on your phone:

0) Check your regular e-mail with your phone. Do you have a "smart phone"? If you already use your phone to surf the web, you can also probably check your everyday e-mail account at no additional cost. Contact your phone service provider for help with checking your e-mail on your phone. This method requires you to have an e-mail account (like gmail), a data plan, and a capable phone. Once you have your phone set up to check your e-mail account, you can enter your address on the Celebrity Death Beeper home page to sign up. The next method, e-mailing your phone directly, is possible on more types of mobile phones, even without a data plan.

1) E-mail your phone directly. If you have your phone's e-mail address, you can enter it on the Celebrity Death Beeper home page. The hard part is figuring out your phone's address. You can contact your phone service provider and ask them for it. You can also try doing a web search like send email to any cell phone or how do I email my AT&T cell phone (click that link and replace AT&T with your service provider). Here are some common ones that may work for you:

Find a more complete list with this web search.

YOURNUMBER includes area code but no dashes or parentheses.
For example, looks like what you
might use to signup on the Celebrity Death Beeper home page.
2) Use an e-mail to SMS service. I've never used one of these services so I cannot recommend any, but they do exist. FYI.

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