CDB data

There are three ways that you can use data from the Celebrity Death Beeper.

1) RSS - Click here for the feed. You're on your own.

2) CSS - Most custOMizable & integrates best with your site, but requires JavaScript turned on. An example:

Just copy and paste this into your web page:

<SCRIPT src=""></SCRIPT>
Change the parameters in the 'src' URL for more control: And use cascading style sheets to control the colors, font size, etc. etc. For example, change the background color of the date by adding background-color:blue; to the cdbDate style. (CSS gurus, email me if this implementation needs improvement.)

3) IFRAME - You can put a customizable IFRAME into your web pages. Like this:

Here's the code:
<IFRAME height=150 width=400 frameborder=0 marginheight=5 marginwidth=5 scrolling=yes
You can change the way the IFRAME looks by experimenting with the parameters. For example,
change the size of the IFRAME by increasing the height & width numbers.

Change the parameters in the 'src' URL for more control:

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