AS YOU CAN TELL from all of the pretty pictures on this page, CelebrityDeathBeeper.com is a very caring organization. We really do care. Our people are so important to us. And we have integrated systems. They really are just very integrated. Everyone is quite proud.

More seriously, if you'd like to send us money or email us then please do so by clicking those links.

We think that the CDB was dreamed up by Jon Smi. It is implemented and maintained by Tony Orci with support and input from the other four founders.

Jake Kuram - idea man / sounding board
Ben Lut - runs servers
Tony Orci - coder / maintainer
Adam Ping - nice guy
Jon Smi - possible inventor

Some of the brave men and women of CelebrityDeathBeeper.com

New CDB system trials ongoing. Expect to be online Spring '22.

celebritydeathbeeper.com deathbeeper.com celebritydeathwatch.com celebritydeathpool.com

We find ourselves where fame comes to die,
And we dutifully march along to ubiquity.
We all gots to go.

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